About Us

Scubography is first and foremost a forum for all things to do with underwater photography and marine conservation. Started by two marine biology students with a passion for diving, photography, and marine conservation, Scubography aims to provide tips and tricks to help improve your photography skills as well as highlight important and interesting snippets from the marine biology and conservation world.

Scubography is also in the process of setting up a grant fund for master’s level marine biology students in the UK looking to conduct research projects overseas. With a huge variety of interesting projects across the globe it is not surprising that there is a great deal of interest in conducting research overseas. Unfortunately, marine biology is often not a very well funded branch of science. This is particularly the case for students, and financial constraints often become the limiting factor preventing them from conducting the overseas research that interests them.

If you are a UK based marine biology student then keep an eye out for upcoming developments with this grant fund!


┬ęSimon Hilbourne